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Pilates at Wellbridge Health Center in Prescott Arizona

Cancer Support programs in Prescott provided by Wellbridge Health Center

Special Programs: Cancer THRIVERSHIP

Transform yourself from Survivor to THRIVER with our special program.

Effective Pain Management Programs in Prescott from Wellbridge Health Center

Special Programs: Chronic Pain Syndromes

Find relief from Fibromylagia and other tough pain syndromes at our center.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils in Prescott available at Wellbridge Health Center.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils encourage health in all the systems of the body.

Bowenwork in Prescott at Wellbridge Health Center

Soft Tissue Therapies

Bowenwork, Niromathe, and Massage balance the body and restore health.

Wellness Coaching and Nutritional Supplements in Prescott available at Wellbridge Health Center

Whole Food Supplements

Doctor prescribed supplements strengthen and feed the body.

Chiropractic Care in Prescott at Wellbridge Health Center by Dr. Sweet - Prescott Chiropractor

Gentle Chiropractic Care

Dr. Sweet practices a very gentle and intuitive form of chiropractic, utilizing gentle hand held equipment, whole food supplementation, and cold laser technology to relieve pain and restore health.

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Welcome to Wellbridge Health Center, where we help you...

Restore your confidence.   Regain your strength. 

Rekindle your joy for living!  

Our Passion...

Welcome to Wellbridge Health Center!  Our center is a unique and wonderful mix of talented and diverse professionals and clientele.  Many of our clients and patients visit our office to improve their health and fitness or to recover from minor aches and pains.  Others come to us for help in recovering from serious disease or injury.  Regardless of why you are here, we are commited to helping you acheive your greatest potential!   

Our Services... 

Our Programs...

If you are a cancer survivor  or  if you suffer from a chronic pain syndrome such as Fibromyalgia take advantage of our special doctor-supervised programs.  Simply call our office to schedule a FREE office tour and pre program interview to get started on your quest to better health. 

You Choose...

Whether you sample our services "a la carte" OR you have a need for our special programs, we are sure you will find the healing and the happiness you are looking for right here! 



"In 2006 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Because of complications with some medications I've been on, I'm unable to take them. Recently I had a very bad flare up and started trying essential oils and supplements which seemed to be helping. I mentioned this to my Rheumatologist and was very pleased that he actually thought there was something to them and referred me to Wellbridge Health Center. I've learned so much in the last week with the free classes they hold and let me tell you...Juli is such a pleasure to work with!! The aromatherapy sessions are heavenly and the consultations are so informative. Not only do I feel that I'm being helped with the physical aspects, but also the psychological aspects of my health. I'm looking forward to starting with the Pilates instruction soon and can not wait for my shipment of oils to arrive!"

--- Karen M.  


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